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Lrrr: arata misto aia
Lrrr: mi-as pune wallpaper
Lrrr: if i could din xorg sa-mi pun wallpaper un gif
Donbot: KDE can
Donbot: Eat shit
Lrrr: KDE runs over Xorg
Lrrr: its like saying you can software emulate that
Lrrr: :p
Donbot: KDE is so cool, xorg is just a slave
Lrrr: j/k
Lrrr: Xorg is the best, fuck the rest
Donbot: What a noob
Scruffy: uite aici un tutorial, Lrrr:
Lrrr: haha
Lrrr: These include Wallsaver for Mac and XWinWrap for Linux.
Lrrr: xwinwrap is an app that allows users of xgl to replace a desktop
background with a movie or screensaver.
Lrrr: Dood
Scruffy: fuck, i was unintentionally helpful
01 Jul 2013 at 5:25 PM