After almost two years, new version is here. Rewritten from ground up, it features things like captcha ( in order to combat spambots and excessive voters ), better moderation tools and banning engine.

We have also moved to a new location. Enjoy and don't forget to update your bookmarks !

24 Apr 2007 - benishor


Due to a more or less popular request, .ro bash now features a rss feed.

31 Oct 2005 - benishor


We're now an official clone grace to bgdn and wunix. ? Yes, that's exactly what I mean.

One more thing. I am sick of having to explain to people why quotes are being deleted. If a quote IS deleted it means a moderator didn't find it worthy ( funny enough ) to be on this site. here's a log with zoso that shows you what NOT to do when approaching a moderator. link (romanian)

08 Sep 2004 - benishor


If you really are to fake quotes, try not to make stupid mistakes such as this one ( watch the log time )

Note to moderators : do NOT delete the aforementioned quote.

30 Jun 2004 - benishor


Moderators can now login,logout, reset and delete quotes.

For now, the quotes still autoapprove themselves. I'll prolly implement the quotes approval feature later this night.

12 Sep 2003 - benishor


Excessive quote voting (whether own or not) coming from same individuals in short periods of time will be considered abuse.

The currently active anti cheat solution is session based so that individuals behind proxies will be able to vote aswell.

If abuses will continue I will be forced to activate the second protection scheme which is ip/time unit based and that will of course mean that masquaraded dudes and dudettes will be left with only one vote per ip/day.

I've also added a powerful banning system. don't make me use it. all abusing IPs will be banned.

Several abuses from same C IP class or domain name will get the C class/domain name banned aswell.

As a reminder, YOU are here to have fun. stick to that.

08 Sep 2003 - benishor