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<Sol_HSA> nestor, what did you try to register? "damn.it" ?
<Nestor-> no
<Nestor-> Nestor.it
<Nestor-> ..
<Nestor-> suprisingly
<scorpionNDS> fuck.it \o/
<Nestor-> Hello
<Nestor-> Please contact .it registry and ask them the reason why
registration for this domain is being cancelled. This time they have not
mentioned any error but just got a message from registry that Order has
been cancelled.
<Nestor-> We have credited $9.99 into your registerfly account for
cancelled registration order.
<Nestor-> Thank You
<Nestor-> Rapid Response Team
<Nestor-> Rapid Response Customer Service
<Nestor-> after i told them to contact the registry and make it work
<Sol_HSA> lol
<Nestor-> registerfly.com - avoid like plague
02 Nov 2005 at 1:37 PM